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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  March 3, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> they interview a lot of celebrities in made a lot of celebrities. >> but a they really the favorite to interview of oprah? and the o.j. simpson role in black history. but first, a scandal at a prestigious area high school. >> a lot more students may be involved. captioned by the national captioning institute >> we begin tonight with a growing scandal at of recognized school.
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some students could face criminal charges and the number could increase. our reporter is live to explain why. >> staff since come nearly 700 of these letters explaining how the state's attorney's office has issued a subpoena for all school documents regarding the grades of each student. the teachers have a 54 students all that are affected. >> it is unfair to kids that go to school here with the implications regarding college. >> please tell us they have decided to hold their own criminal investigation. >> fiscal woes -- the school board has provided us with information. >> many obtained the teacher ids and passwords to hack into
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the school system to change their grades. >> there are other ways you can't change the grades. >> the fate -- there are other ways you can get into the system to change the grades. >> a few people can spoil the situation for a lot of people. it is an unfortunate event. >> parents and teachers welcome the state's attorney's involvement but for about the image of the school. >> we were above this. >> authorities will be investigating in the next couple of days if there was a breach and how many students were involved. they will update parents on the criminal investigation.
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abc 7 news. >> more troubles for tobia. a suit -- for total of. a suit is being filed against the company. -- troubles for toyota. a suit is being filed against the company. one person has experience partial paralysis after an accident caused by faulty mechanics in the toyota car. a woman was attacked at an intersection. we have more on this. officials are not aking any chances. >> a norther attack on george town has students and staff on high alert. -- a another attack at the
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georgetown has students and staff on high alert. >> people walk in pairs watch full of their surroundings. >> police say a man got inside of a woman's resident and sexually assaulted herver. >> it is so close to my house. it is a little unnerving. i feel scared. >> there have been a number of similar attacks in the georgetown area. police stress in this case, the suspect's description is different than in previous cases. the victim is not affiliated with georgetown. still, the university quickly alerted the students to be on guard. >> if i am walking home later, i am walking home with someone
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else. i am not by myself. >> i am a freshman. it is strange to come here and hear about this. i will be on got more. -- guard more. >> the suspect remains on the run. patrols have stepped up in the area. >> we hae new details on the death of a two year-old girl. the trouble started when the white mother -- when the mother says the child was having breathing trouble. they determined the girl did not need to go to the hospital. she died later e daat day. and they did not have the parents sign a consent form regarding taking the child to the hospital.
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also new tonight, three nurses are getting their jobs back after a controversial situation. they were let go after they did not show up during the blizzard last month. they said it was their responsibility to show up regardless. 21 people were dismissed. 15 of them were nurses. president obama makes a disaster declaration in the district of columbia following a snowstorm. they will receive the federal aid money to handle repairs. they made a similar declaration for montgomery county late last night. no snow in the forecast for tonight. let's see how long it will remain dry and clear. >> it is damp and drizzly.
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take a look at our radar. we mostly see drizzle. temperatures are chilly. they are staying above freezing. 39 in downtown washington. sunshine show up in our seven- day forecast. >> thanks. also new tonight, a series of water main breaks caused some traffic problems, but they have been repaired.
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roads are open now. investigators say three unrelated breaks caused the problems. to let the military -- to night military \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / -- tonight the military in chile is cracking down on those looting in desperation for aid after the earthquake. and republicans are using fear to collect fundraising dollars according to some allegations. they paint president obama as the joker from that man. the messages was provided to
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political by a democrat. the chairman michael steele disagrees with the language used. president obama works to overhaul health care. wants to force the hands of the democrats to get a bill. >> i believe the united states congress owes the american people a final vote on health care reform. >> he rejected the proposal by the republicans to go back to the drawing board and start all over. some democratic leaders say this could take longer. gay couples waied in line for a long time to be the first to receive marriage licenses.
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oponent to gay marriage were also there. many say they have been waiting for this day for a long time. >> we now have the full support of gov. community. >>1 150 same-sex couples can pick up their marriage licenses next tuesday. the commanding general of the army says military readiness must remain a top goal in the military. they say repealing a policy could hurt morale. there is a bill that was introduced today to end don't ask don't tell. coming up, o.j. simpson, dennis rodman, and a recaru paul and te
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teachers are in trouble. >> i am not retiring from work just from the airline. >> a change of career plans for one man. >> it seems like ov has interviewed everyone. here's to the believers.
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>> 3 teachers have been suspended for honoring the o.j. simpson during black history month. they gave children pictures of o.j. simpson, dennis rodman, and ru paul kerry during a black history parade at the school. an investigation is still ongoing.
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after having talked with thousands of people, there are some people that will provide to still interview. >> after nearly a quarter- century of this visit of her talk show, she has interviewed almost everyone. >> after 24 seasons, is there anyone that would knock your socks off? >> i have interviewed a lot of celebrities and a lot of them. i like to see someone who has triumphed over an extraordinary circumstance. >> those interviews often come from people that do not live in the spotlight. >> it is interviews with regular people. >> her goal is to uplift and inspire people. oftentimes, she says the most interesting way to do that is to
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hear stories of people that overcome struggles. >> how you can go through that and still wind up in the morning and say, i want to continue living because i have something to live for. >> that is something that she held serve viewers will remember long after her show goes off the air. >> when this show does its final curtain call, the real legacy is not so much mine but the legacy it has created with the viewer. >> dozens of big interviews are still ahead. >> would you be willing to pay more for extra legroom on your flight? customers can play more next --
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pay more next month at a check in for that. however it depends on the length of the flight and the popularity of the road. and charles sullen burgberger is retiring. >> i know what is important. >> he completed his final flight for u.s. airways today. last january he landed a plane on the hudson river and everyone on board walked away with their life. he knows what he is talking about as a pilot. >> absolutely.
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temperatures are starting to warm up later this week. it is not dramatic, but it is a little bit. storm scan is pushing the perspective a little back. a lot of rain over the ocean. now we have drizzle. you can see this on your windshield and headlight. let's get to the weather but to take a few shots. a high of 38 degrees today. 36 at a woodbridge. 42 said reagan national.
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only a trace of light rain since last night. 38 deges in gaithersburg. the chilly numbers yourself. it is chelation jacksonville right now. the warm-up is one to start. much more noticeable over the next few days. the storm will be close enough to marta still give us a breeze. high pressure will build in. maybe a few snow showers across the mountains of pennsylvania. it will get warmer over the weekend.
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over the next seven days, it will be breezy. saturday, sunday, and monday looks beautiful. a few showers late in the day on tuesday. >> a much better change than what we have had. >> a much better change than what we have had. we w
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>> new details on the murder of 17 year-old chelsea king. but now, a dream comes true for a teenage girl and a baseball team. she met her idol, a red sox pitcher. she used to throw a knuckleball by watching videos of him when she was younger. >> she says she took all of the spin out of the ball and still had it moving. with a great night for watching sports tonight.
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whatever you record here you can watch in up to six different rooms. if you record hockey... can watch it in the basement. yes! in the bedroom?g yes! or ice dancing in the kitchen. yes! ♪ i'm not sure why i said yes... that's -- that was weird. [ male announcer ] the amazing multi-room dvr your whole family will love and two times more very satisfied customers than cox. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. >> the terps had a lead.
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duke came back with a lead. the terps are tied for first in may acc. -- in the acc. vasque from three. 7-0 terps. watch this, vasquez with a nice no-look pass. duke came back with a 17-2 run. first lead forduk duke 41-40. vasquez with 20. the last game was a special one for him.
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>> it was a huge win for us. we love it. it was unbelievable. we kept our composure and we got the win. and the tournament ws rocking well. great atmosphere. a rebound. he takes it back up, 29 points. 62-60 in the quarter finals. virginia tech needed to win badly. they barely got it. boston college beat them. and there'll be a game charlottesville on saturday. and the sabres were beaten 3-1. 15-23. keep an eye on jason.
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1-0 washington. the game was tied at 1 the third quarter. to mike green and the goal. they beat the sabres 3-1. let's go to milwaukee, this is the wizard's looking for their second road win. not tonight. brandon jennings, 100-87. the bucks beat the wizards. half the team will play florida and have the team will play the astros. the big story tonight, maryland with the win over duke. >> we will be right back. with the win over duke. >> we will be right back.
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>> drizzle and camp tonight. -- nd death tonight. >> drizzle and camp tonight. -- nd death tonight.
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